Michael O'Callaghan is an information artist and the director of Global Vision Foundation which he founded in 2012.  Born in Geneva, Switzerland, he was first educated in the city's public school system, followed by Stifsgymnasium Melk (Austria), then at Glenstal Abbey School (Ireland), and finaly at Trinity College Dubin.  He is an autodidact with a trans-disciplinary background in cybernetics and systems theory, an independent film-maker, author, architectural designer, conference producer, archival film specialist, social change activist, campaign strategist, community organiser and social entrepreneur. He has lived and worked extensively in Ireland, London, New York and Geneva. He has organised international conferences with the UN Department of Public Information in New York, for the GM-free Ireland Network at the Convergence Festival in Dublin and the Green Ireland conference at Kilkenny, and for the Rhone Basin Economic Forum at the Graduate Institute Geneva. He has taught a graduate sociology course about the impact of media on everyday life at the New School University in New York. He is a former member of the board of directors of Friends of the United Nations, and a founding Fellow of the Sustainable Development Initiative at Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He speaks English, French, German, Italian and some Spanish. He conceived and designed the Politics of Perception project and is currently producing and directing its implementation.
  • Time For Change. A millennium message from the Dalai Lama on socially responsible investment, re-defining security, and intellectual pluralism filmed in India. 1999. Producer / director.
  • Health & Water. A TV spot featuring Bernardo Bertolucci, filmed in London. 2000. Producer / director.
  • Sustainability: The Best Investment. TV pilot. 1998. Producer / director.
  • Rio+10: The Emerging Global Civil Society Consensus. In-depth discussions with 25 global NGO leaders filmed at the UN Rio+10 conference in Johannesburg. 2002. in postproduction. Producer / director.
  • Be The Change!  The global teenager’s priorities for the future filmed in Morocco. 2003.  In postproduction. Producer / director.
  • Fire On The Mountain. A meeting of representatives of the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples and of organised religions in the French Alps in 1997, directed by David Cherniak. Co-producer.
  • A Plea for Global Education by Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum in NYC. 1992. Producer / director.
  • Future Tapes. An interactive video exhibit of interviews with planetary thinkers in the 1970s. Producer / director.
  • 40 video interviews of global thinkers (including Buckminster Fuller, Richard Leakey, Jane Goodall, Mathis Wackernagel, Randy Hayes, Jonathan Lash, Claude Martin, Hazel Henderson, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Achim Steiner) filmed in Europe & the USA from 1978-2009. Producer / director.

  • Perception is a Political Act. A manifesto for resposible cognition. 2018.
  • A Plea for Global Education. Transcript of a video interview of Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum in New York. 1992.
  • Global Vision: Worldview Formation and Transformation — Cognitive Processing in Self-Organising Systems, Development policy analyst Hazel Henderson praised this work as “one of the most succinct descriptions of the theoretical underpinnings of the societal transformation of human cultures now underway, and why this new worldview must be fostered.” 1981. Download introduction (PDF).
  • When the Dream Becomes Real: The Inner Apocalypse in Mythology, Madness, and the Future, a transpersonal study of the transformative function of apocalyptic symbolism in the individual psyche and the collective unconscious. 1991.
  • Sustainability: positioning the concept as a global goal (PDF), NGO position paper for the UNESCO conference on Environment & Society: Education and Public Awareness for Sustainability, Thessaloniki, Greece. 1997.

Michael’s work has been funded and/or supported by UNICEF • WHO • UNDP • UNEP • UNESCO • UNDPI • UNFPA • UNCHS • UNHCHR • Club of Rome • MIT Systems Dynamics Group • WWF • IUCN • IISD • EEB • Earth Day International • Greenpeace Europe • Peace Child International • International Transpersonal Association • European Broadcasting Union • City Screen / Picturehouse Cinemas • Working Title (Developments) Ltd • GM Watch • EcoNexus • Friends of the Earth • World Game Institute • the Irish Government • Harvard University Cronkite Graduate Centre • Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of International Studies • Columbia University Sustainable Development Initiative • University of British Columbia School of Community and Regional Planning • University of Virginia School of Architecture • New School University • Schumacher College UK • Slow Food International • WETV • Television Trust for the Environment • Clifford Chance • Pricewaterhouse-Coopers • Apple Computer • Sun Microsystems • Caran d'Ache • Wilsdorf Foundation • Millbank, Tweed, Hadley & McLoy • J.M. Kaplan Fund • R. Buckminster Fuller • Seán Mac Bride • Aurelio Peccei • Maurice Strong • Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland • Achim Steiner • Marcello Palazzi • Richard Leakey • Jane Goodall • Vandana Shiva • Thomas Berry • Dr. Stan Grof • Dr. R.D. Laing • Dr. John Weir Perry • Joseph Campbell • Joan Halifax Roshi • Donnella Meadows • Kenneth Boulding • Hazel Henderson • Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker • Richard Falk • Rigoberta Menchú Tum • Satish Kumar • Tenzin Gyatso the IVth Dalai Lama • Bernardo Bertolucci • Peter Gabriel • Martin Scorsese.